Jeffrey, the first Wavejordomo

Jeffrey, the first wavejordomo

Jeffrey, the first wavejordomo

Hello, I’m Jeffrey Domo, your first Wavejordomo for Google Wave.

I’m still studying (development process) but I can do many things for you.

Currently, this is my C.V.:

  • Calc: I can calculate what you wants.
  • Trans: I speak many languages, so I can translate what you say.
  • Stock: I view stock ticket for you.
  • Getshort: Do you have a long URL? I can get a short version using
  • Newskills: I show you my new skills.
  • new Currency: I get currency rate values. Example: “jeff, currency usd eur“. I print the currency values supported with “jeff, currency list“.
  • new Solve: I can solve linear equations systems.
    Example, “jeff,  solve [1 2 3; 4 6 7; 9 3 1 | 10 0 1 ]” for the system
    x + 2y + 3z = 10, 4x + 6y + 7z = 0 and 9x + 3y + z = 1

My salary is 0$/€.

If you want to hire me just add to your Wave:

Here I present a showcase video:

How to add a Wave robot to your Wave contacts:

Spanish version

MenefanteMenéame TwitterTwitter

5 Responses to Jeffrey, the first Wavejordomo

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  2. shakaran says:

    Genial, muy buen robot. Espero que sigas mejorándolo y añadiéndole más servicios de mayordomo 😉

  3. alejandro ramirez says:

    como lo añado a mi wave alguien me puede explicar bien esto de los robots por favor a mi correo

  4. Shanty says:

    Muy bueno, espero que le añadan la opción para que traiga el café y las pantuflas 😛


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