Face Alt, a Face alternative SaaS to detect faces in pictures in Beta

On July 7th I received an email from Face.com  where they said that their API will be off in 30 days.

That sucks! 

The reason of my anger was that Face.com provides a great free SaaS to detect and recognize faces in pictures and I and thousands of developers around the world use their API to run our applications. “Face” was acquired by Facebook a month ago and it seems that Facebook now only have access to this API.

I saw then clear: I will create a new open source alternative service. We’ll call Face Alt (http://face-alt.org).

After a hard week of work during free time, the Face Alt Beta is now online!

The main features of Face Alt are:

  • It’s open source. The repository is in GitHub. It uses the great open source library OpenCV.
  • Initially only been implemented frontal face detection. We use the Haar Cascade classifier. We need to improve the detection ratio.
  • Face recognizer will be availble soon. Probably we will use cv::FaceRecognizer (included in OpenCV). This library implements the Fisherface algorithm. Developed by Philipp Wagner.
  • Detection of gender or face attributes will be added using Fisherface too (probably)
  • Detection of rotated faces is under study.
  • If you want collaborate with us, join us in our google group: face-alt.
  • API is restricted to 100 requests per day maximum
  • JavaScript API library available. Python, Ruby, Java,C#…coming soon!

If you want to enter in the beta program, sign-up here.

About the SaaS implementation, we use a AWS server instance configured with nginx connected via FastCGI with a native C++ face detector implementation.

Finally, say we are looking for collaborators, if you like this exciting field of computer vision, come with us!

See you 🙂